Struggle To Make an Everlasting Impact by Recycling


It is observed that some people say they are busy recycling, while on the other hand some say that all the efforts required for gathering and processing old items is only costly and time consuming. Taking out all the unwanted items might consume more time but the outcome you get is for your own long term benefit. If we look at the items like glass containers, newspapers, plastic bottles and cans they are very much valuable in terms of recycling. ...

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Shocking Facts about E-Waste to Get You Reconsider Electronic Disposal


The advent of the internet not only revolutionized our lifestyle and improved the ways of communication but also made an obvious impact on our surroundings and environment. Buying new phones and laptops and chucking the old ones in the garbage is nothing but the making of the new ecological disaster either intentionally or unintentionally. We all claim and feel proud of ourselves that we are living in a greener and a cleaner planet but our actions reflect only the opposite of ...

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