Spreading the E-Waste Education


Everything in this world can be recycled or reused. Just the way it is said that even the flushed water is also recycled through Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) for the purpose of saving the exploitation of the natural resources in the water. In the similar way, we see the news about the recycling of the waste like plastic, paper and steel etc. Experts say that all of these things can be recycled to produce new items in order to avoid ...

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Global Crisis and Threat Posed by E-Waste


In the past few decades, the use of technological devices and gadgets has skyrocketed and so is the production of such devices. Stores are fully equipped with all kinds of electrical devices ranging from the daily basis equipments to hi-tech modern gadgets.The usage of such electrical devices is a common practice nowadays in every sector and it keeps on increasing with the passage of time. The proliferation of all these devices is one thing but the downside caused by the ...

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