Creating an E-Junk Free Environment


It has been noticed that in almost every second house there is a pile of outdated, rusted and ancient aged electronic equipments in the corner of their garage or attic. These equipments could be a range of old hard drives, CDs, floppy disks or even keyboards and mouse. As the technology gets updated it obsoletes the old one and replaces it with the hi-tech devices. Holding on to the old and outdated equipment is totally senseless. There is no point ...

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Stepping Towards a Healthy E-Life


The evolution and popularity of technology has contributed extensively in the growth and development in many different fields. The use of technology has become an important part of every industry as it has become essential for the businesses to be tech savvy in order to survive in this fast moving world. The major concern of all these gadgets and the technical devices being used all over the world is that how to dispose off once they are out of order or don’t work properly and ...

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