Why America Needs A Stronger Policy On E-Recycling? Read This Survey To Get The Answer!


A recent report on e-waste recycling reveals the production, collection and export of used electronics in different countries. The report discloses some critical facts concerning the share of countries in generating and recycling the e-waste. The report is compiled by StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem), an initiative of the United Nations University. The report throws light on the leading countries that produce, collect and export used electronics. According to the report, America is currently the biggest party in global e-waste. The report also indicates the most ...

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6 Best Resolutions Every Electronic Junkie Must Make For The Earth Day!


The Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 as a way to make the world aware of the current environmental issues and its negative effects on human health. Environmentalists, social commentators and opinion makers take this as an opportunity to address those health hazards regarding the e-waste. Earth Day And Holy Week Image Source This April, ‘Earth Day’ will come after the Holy Week. Incidentally, Holy Week happens to be the season when most people throw away their old gadgets and replace them with new ...

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Purge Your Environment From The Hazardous Effects Of E-Waste!


The practices and methods surrounding the processing of e-waste pose serious threats to health of people, especially those who are directly dealing with the junk. Due to the toxic effects of e-waste on human health, it is crucial to make sure that e-waste is properly disposed off. Many states have a legal framework that defines proper dumping and reusing of e-waste. But most often these laws are neglected by people due to their ignorance to the legal procedure. ...

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